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Dumbarton (from Scottish Gaelic Dùn Breatann or Dùn Breatainn, meaning "fort of the Britons" is a town and burgh which is the administrative centre of the council area of West Dunbartonshire, and formerly of the historic county of Dunbartonshire, in the West-Central Lowlands of Scotland. The town lies on the north bank of theRiver Clyde where the River Leven flows into the Clyde estuary. As of 2006, the town had an estimated population of 19,990 and forms a conurbation with AlexandriaBonhill and Renton with a combined estimated population of 44,690.
Dumbarton functioned as the capital of the ancient Kingdom of Alclud, and later as the county town of the county of DunbartonshireDumbarton Castle, sitting on top of Dumbarton Rock, dominates the area. Dumbarton was a Royal burghbetween 1222 and 1975.
Dumbarton emerged from the 19th century as a centre for shipbuildingglassmaking, and whisky production. However these industries have since declined, or demised altogether, and Dumbarton today increasingly functions as a commuter town for the major City of Glasgow which is 13 miles (21 km) east-southeast. Dumbarton F.C. is the burgh's local association football club.

DVD Dumbarton's Yesterdays 1950-1970
DUMBARTON’S YESTERDAYS - 1950 TO 1980 The commanding fortress of Dumbarton Rock and Castle was the foundation of the town of Dumbarton at the mouth of the River Leven. A truly fascinating and nostalgic look back into a multitude of scenes, streets events and faces of Dumbarton between the 1950s and 1970s in an absolutely unique and rare account of part of Dumbarton’s esteemed history. Brought to you from the producer’s film archives. We begin our journey in 1950 recalling the “Parade to the Castle” by Dumbarton’s Scouts and Girl Guides led by 1st Dumbarton Scout Pipe Band. Revisit some of Dumbarton’s world famous companies and employers including Babcox & Wilcox or Hiram Walkers & Son established in 1937 on the site of McMillan’s Shipyard. The opening of The Vale of Leven Industrial Estate in 1946 attracted some large corporations including Burroughs Adding Machines and Westclox General Time Ltd where we are given rare glimpses of their shop floors and employees. We witness the “Sons” in action in the 1950’s at Boghead Football Park and we pay a visit to “Gala Day” at Hatfield School grounds where rare treats like the “Bonnie Baby Competition” and the “Festival Queen” with all of their beauty and finery. Recall the many shops and businesses in and around the High Street in the 1950’s including Mason & Co., Mary Pollock Fashions, Clydesdale Electric and many more advertised in the Lennox Herald including adds for Brown & Harris, The Burgh Hall Dancing, The Picture House and La Scala cinemas. Rare scenes of local business Callander Brothers wholesale fruit and vegetable producer as they harvest and load their trucks for distribution. Boghead Football Park sees the Scouts and Guides Centenary Raleigh where the Queen’s Scouts and Guides add an international flavour. 1961 and the famous shipbuilder William Denny and Brothers Shipyard are completing a large New Zealand ferry order. As major development of the town begins we make final visits to many of Dumbarton’s streets and landmarks including Park Crescent, The Artisan, Denniston before their demolition. We leave this part of Dumbarton’s long and distinguished history with a trip in the 1970’s to beautiful Levengrove Park and Esplanade for a sunny Sunday School trip by Dalreoch Church’s youngsters. Whether you have direct ties to Dumbarton or whether you want to relive golden fond memories of this historic town and its faces, places and events then we guarantee that you will find something of value here. Narrated by Ron Black Running Time 72mins
Price: £13.99
DVD Memories of Dumbarton
Dumbarton (Fort of the Britons) famous for innovation and achievement particularly concerning engineering and shipbuilding. Examples of this include the world famous clipper Cutty Sark, also the first ocean going ship built of mild steel and the first ship propelled by steam turbine are just some examples of the proud innovation and engineering that Dumbarton and in this case William Denny Brothers can claim From our private film archives we are proud to share with you this rare and unique look back into the places, events and ever changing scenes in and around Dumbarton between the 1940 and 1975. Below are but a few of the scenes and events in this rare DVD of the town’s history and memories of which now exist almost entirely in these images. 1941 and air raids destroy 100 houses in Dumbarton including some in Levengrove Terrace, Kirkton Hill, Stirling Road and old St Patricks Primary School. Fascinating colour scenes of Victory Celebrations in Dumbarton in May 1945 with parades and special events and the High Street full of bunting and crowds celebrating the end of the war. For football fans we visit Boghead in 1944 to see the “Sons of the Rock” in action in full colour. Again at Boghead this time in 1946 we join Summer Sports and games including highland dancing and a Bonny Baby and Gala Queen competitions in beautiful colour. Queen Elizabeth visits the town in 1953 to receive the keys to Dumbarton Castle and to open the “new” Strathleven Industrial Estate. We take a short tour around 1950’s Dumbarton visiting many familiar streets and places. 1955 sees new plans for the town being drawn up that result in the start of some major changes in Dumbarton and its familiar streets and buildings. 1963 and a major blow is dealt to the town as we see colour scenes of Denny’s yard emptying for the very last time with job number 1504 still on the blocks and the Yard, Engine Works and offices lie silent. Witness the changing face of the town as demolishing and reconstruction begins. 1969 sees the opening of the new Town Centre and the Concorde Leisure Centre. Again we tour around Quayside, Westbridge end, Dalreoch, Comely Bank Buildings and more before we witness the new Park Crescent and the construction and completion of the new Artizan Bridge in 1973. We take stock of all the redevelopment and changes during this period of change as we take in remaining scenes of Garshake, Barnhill, Oxhill, Castlelhill, Westcliffe, Bellsmyre, Knoxland, Dalreoch and landmarks including The Denny Club, Brock Baths and Dumbarton Academy to name but a few. Whether you live in Dumbarton or have ties to Dumbarton you are sure to find something of interest within these rare nostalgic scenes of this proud town. Narrated by Mark Gray Running time 66 mins
Price: £13.99
DVD Babcock of Dumbarton
Babcox and Wilcox opened the Dumbarton factory close to the site of the earlier Kosmold Factory in 1910. This DVD gives you the unique opportunity to witness the processes involved in the manufacture of seemless steel tubes required for the construction of the world famous Babcock boilers. This was yet another example of a company and its workforce that promoted Dumbarton to globally. Running time 30mins
Price: £13.99

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