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Local cinematographer and historian Colin M. Liddell’s remarkable legacy includes over 40 fascinating archive Scottish history DVD titles 
Colin M Liddell Producer and HistorianColin M. Liddell devoted a lifetime to capturing, collecting and preserving some of the most rare film footage of our rich Scottish history and heritage not merely to ensure a record was maintained 
Victor Bus Vale of Leven Fountainbut also to provide unique records that it could be shared and enjoyed for generations to come. A renowned cinematographer and historian whose passion and interest in film and history was recognised by so many throughout Scotland where he would often be invited to speak or share his knowledge and film archives with audiences or the media. Colin's particular favourite areas of interest included his passion for  “The Lovely Valley” of the the Vale of Leven and his love for all things steam whether it be Scottish steam locomotives or the great Clyde Paddle Steamers and other vessels once found on and around the Clyde and the West Coast of Scotland. 
High Street DumbartonSadly Colin passed away last year aged 76 following a brief illness. During the last forty years Colin researched and produced over 40 DVD archive history titles spanning Clyde maritime and steamer history, the local history of the clyde coast and its islands and a series of titles capturing the golden days of Scottish steam railways. Examples of these unique archive titles includes Clyde Steamer Memories Part 1 of 3 1872 – 1948, Memories of Arran 1933 – 1993, Rothesay in the Glorious 50’, Memories of The Vale of Leven Part 1 of 4, Paddle Steamers of Loch Lomond 1920 -1990, The Golden Jubilee of the PS Waverley 1947 – 1997, Memories of Steam on the West Highland line These archive titles represent a significant archive collection of our national and local Scottish history and an iinvaluable resource whether for pleasure or reference. These are not “polished” big budget productions they are however invaluable windows into our past and our heritage where their true “value” lies in the painstaking research and extremely rare archive film and other materials in their content.

Following the death of the producer then the really difficult decision as to how best to preserve or maintain the substantial archive libraries and films required to be made. The producer’s son, also Colin, believed that the best tribute to his Father’s llifelong work and passion for capturing and sharing Scottish history was to continue to make these unique archive DVDs available to the public “It is with pleasure that we are able to continue to share the memories of these nostalgic days, places and times for to preserve and share these moments with current and future generations was one of Dad’s

greatest ambitions and achievements  which I know that he would have wanted to continue”. “Whilst I was familiar with my Dad’s archives and titles I have been amazed at the breadth and depth of information and detail that these time capsules contain”. “For these reasons we are committed to continue making these titles very unique available either online or via retail and other outlets including the Glasgow Riverside Museum, The Scottish Maritime Museum or Loch Lomond Shores Gateway Centre. In this digital age there are in fact exciting new opportunities to leverage technology in relation to the production, publishing and distribution of these archive titles that we are looking to apply.
Rediscover memories of Helensburgh, The Vale, Dumbarton or those of a trip "doon the waatter" from Glasgow’s Bridge Wharf aboard the Jeanie, Deans, Glen Sannox, Paddle Steamer Waverley , Duchess of Montrose or memories of a day on Loch Lomond or Arran aboard one of the once many Paddle Steamers or other ships. Revisit cherished holiday destinations in and around the River Clyde including Millport,Rothesay, Largs, Arran or Dunoon during the last century. Or perhaps you want to experience the nostalgic days of steam aboard one of Scotland's once famous Steam Locomotive's on a journey from Glasgow to Fort William or Mallaig. Whether you are interested in exploring or simply want to reminisce and rekindle places, events and faces of days gone by you will definitely find something of interest in these fascinating archive DVD titles.

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